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Education Panorama (July ’15) by @TeacherToolkit

Education Panorama (July ’15) by @TeacherToolkit

This is my 15th edition of Education Panorama. In total, my newsletters have shared more than 750 educational blogposts from across the world! Here is a summary of what’s been going on in the education sector during the past month …

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  • This is a short and simple blog to explain the reasoning behind my Kapow tweets. (more…)
  • This is a blogpost to share our own school job advertisements, beyond traditional recruitment methods. (more…)
  • This is a blog about my experience of teaching and learning (under the revised September 2014 framework) when Ofsted enter your school gates. This blog is not about the overall experience and the various areas that are judged during a Section 8 inspection visit. This is all about inspectors observing lessons without gradings! (more…)
  • Ofsted published an updated version of the School Inspection Handbook on 31st July 2014.  This replaces the April 2014 version and also the Subsidiary Guidance (April 2014).  This blog is for classroom teachers only and not for any other area of Ofsted inspections. (more…)
  • "Since 2009, inspectors have been instructed not to grade the overall quality of a lesson they visit." Here are the headlines clarified from Ofsted's, Mike Cladingbowl's article, published today. If you are a teacher - who has received an observation judgement in your career (particularly since 2009) - and do NOT read this document; then all the hard work to communicate on this issue, will be fruitless! (more…)


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