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How can @OfstedNews win over teachers?

How can @OfstedNews win over teachers?

Ofsted is ‘no longer just disliked, but disdained‘, according to last week’s teacher conferences.

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  • This blog does not contain any academic research, or information regarding Ofsted; effect-sizes; knowledge vs. skills; or even something useful about lesson judgements. (more…)
  • "Since 2009, inspectors have been instructed not to grade the overall quality of a lesson they visit." Here are the headlines clarified from Ofsted's, Mike Cladingbowl's article, published today. If you are a teacher - who has received an observation judgement in your career (particularly since 2009) - and do NOT read this document; then all the hard work to communicate on this issue, will be fruitless! (more…)
  • If you have been following my blogs recently, you will be fully aware of what has happened today. There is so much to blog here; and I have promised myself to just share the headlines from today's meeting at Ofsted headquarters - Aviation House. Kingsway, London. We have also been promised the minutes from today, so we will share these with you at a later date ... (more…)
  • 100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers: Outstanding Lessons brings together over 20 years’ experience of classroom teaching and aims to equip all secondary teachers with a toolkit of approaches that can easily be deep-rooted to the back of your brain; clumsily glued to the back of your teacher-planner, or fixed proudly to your classroom wall! (more…)
  • Stickability is a term used within the notable 5 Minute Lesson Plan. I have decided to write a short post, based on the demand for clarification. (more…)
  • You may or may not be aware, that Ofsted inspectors do not expect to see a lesson plan - they never have(!) and it is one of the greatest myths of the teaching profession here in England and Wales - but, just wait a moment! Ofsted do expect to see evidence of a planned lesson! (more…)


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