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#SLTeachMeet – watch the video & audio archives

What an amazing evening! Thank you everyone involved. @GuardianTeach for the venue, @MrLockyer for co-spawning the idea and making it happen…. @EyeBeams for eveything I have posted below and allowing the entire world to be able to view this shared-practice….and finally to our sponsors @Dragon_Edu, @InnovateMySchl, @SteljesGroup, @Oddizzi and of course @GuardianTeach.

View the content of all guest-speaker presentations, here.

The full archives, with video and audio links are here.

Audio links for my own interview (by @EyeBeams) before the TeachMeet begins, is here

The full programme of events is here.

My opening presentation is here.

Photographs are here, by @EyeBeams

Watch this space for the next #SLTeachMeet

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